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Corporate and Business Law

We represent a broad cross-section of clients, from large publicly-traded companies to smaller closely-held entities, many of whom we have represented for decades. We

  • Listen and understand the client’s business, needs and goals,  getting to know   and help identify strengths and weaknesses and how its principals may best be served;

  • Select and implement the proper business entity and ensure that our clients have appropriate accounting and other advisory assistance;

  • Coordinate our legal work with accountants and other professionals to achieve the best possible financial and tax structure;

  • Protect our clients through appropriate corporate and contractual documentation and implementation;

  • Draft shareholder agreements, provide for the entrance and exit of new equity owners and implement other operational programs;

  • Assist in the acquisition and divestiture of businesses or parts of businesses;

  • Coordinate the company’s interests with those of the family or families involved in the enterprise, including estate planning, tax, financial, protection of assets;

  • Help devise and implement plans for the ultimate transition of the business to other family members or shareholders, for the sale of the business or for other appropriate exit strategies.

We want to know, to understand and to appreciate the business and its principals, and their interests, goals, and expectations; it is the best way we can represent our client.

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