Wills, Estate Planning and Wealth Management

Although the statutory framework for the current estate planning arena is complicated and uncertain, that is not an excuse for failing to deal with estate planning needs. 

Much of our work involves family businesses, but we represent a large number of individuals as well. There is no substitute for knowing as much as possible about the individual’s and family’s situation, both financial and personal, with the goal of making tax-efficient decisions but also decisions that make matters as simple and straightforward as possible for those loved ones who survive. We pride ourselves on being both compassionate and logical, trying to accomplish the client’s goals but also preserve flexibility in case of changing laws and circumstances. Much of what we do is to try to make the survivors’ tasks as simple and understandable as possible, always working closely with accountants, agents and advisors.

Among the considerations we often address are:

  • Ascertainment of testator and family needs and objectives;

  • Asset and liability assessment and potential lifetime actions to help families understand issues and arrange affairs in proper order;

  • Assessment of potential income tax and estate tax and basis ramifications and possible use of trusts or other investment vehicles;

  • Evaluation of lifetime actions and protection and preservation of assets;

  • Insurance solutions and trusts;

  • Assessment and applicability of estate planning techniques;

  • Needs particular to high net worth individuals, couples and families;

  • Effective and efficient gifting and charitable approaches;

  • Business succession issues and planning;

  • Probate and administration of estates; post mortem planning;

  • IRS filings, tax resolution and related tax considerations;

  • Litigation and dispute resolution - our partners can effectively and efficiently handle all aspects of Fiduciary and Probate litigation at both the trial and appellate levels.

We are always guided by how best to serve the desires and interests of each testator or settlor and their respective families, charitable goals and intended beneficiaries, consistent with the client’s directions.

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